iPad Training

Apple's Professional Development Programme is a distillation of years of curriculum-based workshop delivery by leading Apple educators. APD consultants have been carefully selected and trained by Apple to ensure your school can access the latest, most effective and curriculum-focused CPD available, guaranteeing you make the most of the teaching, learning and creative opportunities offered by iPads or iPods. APD consultancy includes extensive pre-delivery planning, meaning you receive a programme designed specifically for your curriculum and teaching and learning environment. Amongst many of its benefits, the APD programme will enable you to:

  • Increase engagement, motivation and attainment
  • Deliver an integrated learning experience
  • Allow complete participation by all students in your ICT vision, anytime, anywhere
  • Empower independent research, problem-solving, collaboration and creativity skills
  • Significantly reduce revenue costs of ICT infrastructure, printing and administration
  • Bring classroom flexibility to your use of ICT

All APD consultants are themselves educators that have operated at all levels and phases of education from management to classroom and form a powerful network of innovative, experienced and knowledgable educators. Put simply, APD offers the most comprehensive and effective Apple support available.

A Tailored Approach

The APD programme can be anything from one to fifty days, dependent on the extent of your needs, as determined by you. We will liaise with you on the development and planning of a programme tailored to your specific needs, supported by a close-knit network of APD consultants and educators with extensive experience of delivering interactive, hands-on workshops that will inspire your teachers to get the most from your Apple devices. Every APD programme is different, but each one draws on the same principles of interaction and immediacy, supported by intimate knowledge of schools, the curriculum and the cross-curricular application of ICT.

For further information phone Steve on: +44 7800 913604 or email prof.steve.molyneux@mac.com