Working with iPads

1:1 iPad and iPod initiatives are revolutionising how schools meet and deliver their vision for ICT across the curriculum, transforming teaching and learning, liberating learners, engaging the community and opening up huge cost-saving opportunities. We would like to invite your management team to see how 1:1 iPad ownership in your school can:

  • Increase engagement, motivation and attainment
  • Deliver an integrated learning experience
  • Allow complete participation by all students in your ICT vision, anytime, anywhere
  • Empower independent research, problem-solving, collaboration and creativity skills
  • Significantly reduce revenue costs of ICT infrastructure, printing and administration
  • Involve parents in your ICT and learning vision
  • Attract motivated students and inspire high-quality work
  • Bring classroom flexibility to your use of ICT
  • Fit into and extend your existing ICT infrastructures and pedagogies

What’s more, by participating in Apple’s iStudent programme, you can equip all your teachers and learners with an iPad or iPod, 2 or 3 years full insurance, and bespoke, extensive training, CPD, and curriculum development provided by Apple professionals, all on a COST-NEUTRAL basis. 

For further information phone Steve on: +44 7800 913604 or email