Apple Consultancy and Training

We can offer the design, delivery and installation of bespoke educational solutions based on Apple technologies. Such solutions can range from simple use of Apple in the classroom, to complete mobile solutions including the recording of lessons from an Interactive Whiteboard and delivery via podcasts on iTunes to iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones.

Our network of highly skilled trainers can also offer training on a range of Apple products from an introduction to OSX through to how to get the best from the iLife Suite and Professional Apple products.

Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Together with our partnership colleagues, we offer a range of services from organising and running internal or external conferences and seminars to providing speakers and facilitators. We can also arrange and deliver hands-on workshops on the use of technology both within and outside the classroom.

General Consultancy

We have a proven track record of providing a range of effective consultancy services which include; reviewing Teaching and Learning strategies and policies; independent evaluation of tenders; development of completed CPD programmes; and market deployment of Educational Technologies.

In School Services

We have a network of experienced practicing teachers who will work alongside individual schools in order to create tailored programmes and projects which help them achieve their learning and teaching goals. Whether providing in class support with pupils or supporting the development of teacher’s skills through in school training, we understand how schools function and the unique pressures faced by classroom practitioners.

Leadership and Planning

We can provide single or multi-day sessions for Local Authorities, and Institutional leaders focussed on developing a sustainable vision with actionable management strategies and strong technology components. Such sessions include a mixture of 'chalk & talk" and hands-on elements.

Personal Networking

My personal networking service brings together a range of individuals and companies under one umbrella. This service will help you make contact with the right person, partner or contractor capable of meeting your requirements. This ranges from developers looking for a channel to market to companies wishing to form strategic alliances across the sector.

For further information phone Steve on: +44 7800 913604 or email